How Obesity and Alcohol Affect Testosterone Levels

Many of the modern men face a burning issue of testosterone deficiency. In fact, when the gonads can’t cope with their tasks, they synthesize a very small amount of testosterone.

Because of this, testosterone deficiency, also called hypogonadism develops. But at the same time, obesity is also no less serious problem for men than low testosterone.
And according to the latest clinical studies, these two medical conditions are interrelated. That’s why if the man is diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and obesity, he should first of all measure testosterone levels in the medical settings.

Now physicians, cardiologists, and diabetologists have at their disposal appropriate, valid Clinical Practice Guidelines which enable the doctors to determine whether the obese men really lack testosterone and decide how to cure this medical condition.

How to Increase Testosterone in Obese Men

According to the Clinical Practice Guidelines, it’s possible to distinguish such ways to stimulate testosterone production in obese men:

Pharmaceutical Anti-Obesity Treatment. If the diagnosis of obesity is set and the man has a high Body Mass Index and large waist circumference, he needs to take powerful prescription anti-obesity medications. If such a man gets rid of extra pounds under the supervision of a healthcare professional, testosterone levels will increase naturally and safely.

Hormone Replacement Therapy. It will deliver the missing testosterone right to the man’s body. When hormone levels grow, fat deposits in the body reduce in the natural way. That’s why the body weight also gradually drops.

Bariatric Surgery. This option suits those men who suffer from severe obesity. It’s necessary to apply this method, if the other weight-loss attempts were unsuccessful.

Interrelationship between Alcohol Intake and Testosterone

Heavy drinking is very harmful for testosterone secretion.

First of all, it leads to the substantial decrease in zinc and vitamin B levels without which adequate testosterone synthesis is impossible. Also, insufficient amount of vitamin B and zinc slows down metabolic rate. The worse eating habits the man has, the more sluggish metabolism he will have.

In addition, dopamine levels fall. Along with the drop of testosterone levels, this results in uncontrollable hunger pangs.

So, by negatively affecting testosterone production and destroying hormonal balance in the men’s body, excessive alcohol consumption contributes to the formation of fat deposits and the weight gain.

Also, by provoking the reduction of testosterone levels, alcohol has a very negative influence on the men’s sexual health and fertility. The testicles synthesize sex hormones in men. But excessive alcohol intake damages testicular tissue. That’s why it can’t produce enough testosterone. Therefore, sperm quality also worsens. Thus, sperm motility and sperm morphology become unsatisfactory. Sperm abnormalities impede conception. It means that testosterone deficiency may result in male infertility.

How to Increase Testosterone in Excessively Drinking Men

It’s worth remembering that the man who is drinking too much alcohol can’t fix the problem of low testosterone with all the consequences that come with it. If the man doesn’t get rid of this bad habit, the situation will exacerbate. In this case, only moderation in alcohol consumption may help the man.

In fact, small amounts of alcohol will not disturb the testosterone-producing function of the men’s body. And you will have stable and high testosterone levels.
Moreover, if you drink one glass of organic red wine from time to time, your overall health in general and hormonal balance in particular will only benefit. And you will avoid all negative effects on the natural testosterone synthesis.

Natural Testosterone Boosting Remedies

Pharmaceutical and/or surgical treatment of obesity and reduction of alcohol consumption are not the only ways to elevate testosterone levels in men.

Thus, testosterone boosters which fully consist of natural active substances are intended on the natural restoration of hormonal balance in the men’s body. By taking such boosters, the man will have an opportunity to activate testosterone synthesis safely, without the intake of strong prescription drugs, the use of synthetic testosterone, or the necessity to undergo surgery.

Also, you should change your lifestyle and hence forget about bad habits. And maybe this is the most important thing you can do to promote the growth of testosterone levels.
Comprehensive approach to the problem is what you need to restore the male hormonal balance.

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